About US


Althani Group of Companies Limited, is a corporate group of Companies in Nigeria with a collection of subsidiary businesses. The Group consists of a variety of Companies with diverse objectives incorporated with the aim of creating jobs, contributing to the growth of the economy and financial rewards.

The Executive Chairman of the group is undoubtedly a hardworking, resilient and effective business man with a strong personality. He has been successful in steering the whole Group in a positive direction and he has led the Company to its successes through a strong workforce that has grown over the years led by skillful and efficient Managers.


Our Brand:

Althani Group of Companies Limited has built a strong brand by aiming at the highest standards of international business practice. The Company is an expert in the field which sets it apart from others.  It has extensive public and private sector contacts throughout Nigeria and across the globe.  


We aim to provide :

  •  Customer satisfaction
  • Professionalism and best practices
  •  Innovative products and services
  • Passion to exceed customers’ expectations
  • Good corporate governance